Harmonica lessons

Duhoooo. I read your earlier email. I will pay more attention in the future but might have to take out a loan to afford to do so.

C is preferable for the class.

Thanks. I am looking for the one my girlfriend bought me. I think it’s a Marine C.

Would Wednesday, May 31 work for everyone in the Lecture Hall?

Works for me. I’m looking forward to it.

Anybody that couldn’t make it on May 31?

I should be able to make it.

I can make it. looking forward to it.

Pending on the class schedule for May 31 7:30 PM in the Lecture Hall.

I’d be interested! Boy, what a cacophony if we’re all in one room…playing at the same time… I’ll risk it!

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I had a question today about which harmonicas I’m recommending for the class and I thought I could do a better job of identifying them. Here is a list and links to the websites of the manufacturers. Understand that I am not requiring that you buy one of these harmonicas to take the class, but these are the ones that I’m confident that a beginner will be able to play without them having to be tuned or otherwise repaired and that I feel are likely to be well made enough that I can teach someone to bend notes on these models. If you have a different harmonica feel free to bring it and I will teach you what I can.
These are all 10 hole, diatonic, Richter tuned harmonicas in the $35 to $50 price range. Most of these should sell online someplace in the $40-something range.
Lee Oskar Major Diatonic
Hohner Marine Band 1896 Classic
Hohner Special 20
Hohner Golden Melody
Hohner Blues Harp
Seydel Standard Blues Session
Suzuki- Suzuki harmonicas are typically more expensive than the $40 range but also higher quality.
Suzuki Manji
Suzuki Promaster
Suzuki Harmonicas Olive Diatonic


Harmonica class tonight! Show up early and I’ll have Youtube videos playing.


Great class! Had a lot of fun and learned quite a bit.

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Glad you enjoyed it! Was hoping it would be fun. I’ll try another in a couple of months when everyone has had a chance to practice.


Been a week since class. I hope everyone is practicing! LOL

I’ll be around Friday in case anyone has any questions.

Is this still a thing? im needing some help with tuning 2 draw and draw vibrato on my c harp.

It’s been a year and a half since that class! I’ll be around jewelry and automotive today (Friday, Feb. 15) so you can find me and I’ll see if I can help you. Jewelry is having a “train the trainer” class on one of the tools, so I’ll be here past 10 PM.

im interested in s class