Hard time Installing New RAM


I have this motherboard:

which I have been running with (2 x 4GB) of RAM. It’s got 4 slots so I decided to add another 8 GB of exact same type (except for version):

So any combination of 2 of these 4 modules in any paired set of slots (grey or black color) will let me POST as usual, but IF I put all four in, no matter the order or pairing, it won’t. Sigh…

Any reason this shouldn’t be working? Any thoughts re: troubleshooting?



try raising the timings and the RAM voltage



You mean overclocking a bit?

Also, this would need to be done with just the two RAM modules inpace, then turn off, install other two, and reboot. Is there an issue/danger with raising voltage with just the two there?



no, underclocking (increase latency, and/or decrease RAM frequency). overvolting can accomplish the same thing (increase stability). I don’t think there’s any danger raising voltage then adding them, but it’s possible your BIOS will reset the settings when changing modules.

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The m-board come with a utility I usually use for this…in fact now that I think about it, any new settings only go into effect on reboot.

I’ll just overvolt a bit first and see how that works.



If all of the modules are verified as working and all of the slots are verified as working then I suspect the motherboard firmware has a bug. If you haven’t already I would reset to the defaults on the motherboard. If that doesn’t help I would update the BIOS if you’re not already running the latest. If that doesn’t help either then I would consider upgrading the motherboard, processor, and memory because the hardware is old enough that support likely won’t help you with the issue.

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Luke has it. Also check the manual for the motherboard to see if there’s some odd limit to the RAM based on the chipset or BIOS in use. I’ve been bitten by that in the past. I have an old HP laptop running XP that won’t recognize more than 1GB of RAM because of that.

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