Harbor Freight jack stand recall

If you have 'em, stop using them ASAP.

HF will give you the shelf price back as a gift card.


Thanks for letting us know!

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Thanks for posting this, I have a pair of the 61197, 6 ton stands. Looks the the retail price when I bought them was $44.99, and the current version is $49.99, makes me wonder if they are going to charge everyone the $5 difference for the joy of using their pot metal…

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No, you get store credit at current price of jacks.

Edit: I have now read a conflicting article that says at price purchased - I’d like to know how they determine this if bought with cash.

I bought mine before the recall years.

I would hope so, but I could also see them saying that the previous model had a lower retail price than the current model, thus justifying the extra cost. Hopefully that is not the case, but the wording of the recall notice seems to say otherwise.

“Following the lifting of any applicable “Shelter At Home Orders”, please bring your 3 Ton and/or 6 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Jack Stands, item numbers 61196, 61197, and 56371 to your local Harbor Freight Tools store to receive a Harbor Freight Tools gift card equal to the retail price of the jack stands you originally purchased (plus applicable tax).”

Note that what they sell now is on “clearance”, so long-term support may be lacking.

I just lower the floor jack a fraction of an inch and then re-tighten the valve. That way, I get a warning when the jack stand fails, and the hydraulic jack gives me enough time to get out of the way. Might also craft up a secondary lock that snaps into the teeth above the throat of the jack.

Edit: Yes, I have a pair of these and got the email.

I got credit for one set, I have a nib set somewhere that needs to go back when I find them.

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I just returned my set of 3 ton jacks that I’ve had for several years. Per usual with HF, it was a quick and painless process. They just had me go get a new set of 3 ton jacks and swapped them out. Clerk had her manager override whatever the price of the new jacks was. I could have opted for the gift card but I didn’t so I have no clue what price point it was at.


I returned 2 of the 3-ton jacks and since they were out of stock got a giftcard for ~$21.

Interesting, I got 27 and some change.

Wonder if their hand tools snap before they should if your on a extra tight nut etc.

I wouldn’t hit a dog in the ass with a jack stand that relies on Chinese engineering for anything more complex than a linchpin, which is what my jack stands use.

Must have been made before 1990 or so. You’re unlikely to find anything these days that isn’t Chinese.

You misunderstood. I said nothing more complex than linchpins. My jackstands are surely Chinese but there are no “mechanisms” - just simple pins I insert myself.

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Ah, now I understand. This, of course, relies on the stands being welded properly, of course. :wink:

And the pins being made of something besides Chinesium.

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I’m on a YouTube quote roll today!




That’s RH drill, do they come in LH?


First time it happened I was surprised…now not so much