Handmade masks went missing

I know I would feel frustrated if I had spent time making something to help and then it sat in a box.

They were never missing, the jail decided not to use them and returned them.
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Denton County sheriff is a complete asshat. I’ve never voted Democrat in my entire adult life but I’m tempted to because of people like him.


They didn’t return them until after the stink. Until then, they sat in storage while inmates (both procedurally and factually innocent) wore paper masks, often defective (with holes).


Typical Murphree sleaze - that dude is one of the scummiest people I’ve ever had to deal with. Just a thug with a gun and a badge, drunk on his own power.


yep. denton county sherif is an outright covid denier, believes its a liberal hoax or whatever. most of the summer he slept in his car outside of the confederate memorial on the square at night, waiting for someone to try and topple it. i would bike past his car at night since that’s when i knock out my exercise. its always there. he’s a brain wormed weirdo.

denton has been pretty consistently bad at electing people. our next mayor is probably gonna be willie hudspeth, who voted against the mask ordiance because, you know, covid is made up or whatever.


I’m confused here, could we not sling mud at our elected officials? This isn’t facebook, I’m confused how your opinions of the sheriff help DMS?

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Threads on talk and especially the off topic category don’t have any obligation to help DMS.


While that is correct, I fail to see what anyone gains by slinging mud at the elected officials. This isn’t facebook or twitter.

Don’t really gain much doing on FB or Twitter either. It’s just a bit cathartic.

Probably. I just sorta assumed it was typical virtual-signalling or people feeling/seeking out like-minded others that might be happy to go out at night and deface or destroy public property

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Not me. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the memorials. I do have strong negative opinions about the uneducated idiot sheriff who refuses to enforce mask orders, even when it turns into trespassing on private business property.


I think you mean Gerard, Willie’s son. Willie’s been an activist for as long as I remember, but IIRC he’s never been elected to public office, but he does run the Denton NAACP. Also, the two have pretty different political views.

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edit: yeah im really getting into local politic partisanship. idk lock this thread.

as i was born raised in virginia and walked the fields of Antietam, ive literally had confederate relatives fight, and ive eaten hard tack under an oiled tent near Jamestown. all that in mind, i personally see these quick pour neo confederate lawn ornaments as stolen valour with a political stance that even robert e lee has spoken out against.

Damn… I’d be sorely tempted to bike by with a canned air horn to wake his ass up.