Hand Embroidery Classes

As you guys know, I teach the hand embroidery classes. I’m a broke college student and the DMS was always a bit of a luxury for me. With all these new changes, - though I understand why they must be implemented - I will be unable to earn enough from teaching classes to cover my monthly membership and justify spending the gas for the drive there. Yesterday I canceled all of the classes I had submitted and officially requested to end my membership. I hope to return next year if things get better for me, but in the meantime, I’ll miss you all. I loved teaching classes and I love that place. If anybody wants to just get together and embroider or anything - (979)-250-3351


Dallas! Nooo…I’m so sorry to hear this. You can still come teach at dms even as a non member - were you on the student (starving hacker) plan? Also we can help set you up with eventbrite for the remaining classes. If you want to discuss please give me a call 469-223-2692, I really hope you can stay.


Yes, I was on the starving hacker plan. I was unaware that I could teach as a non-member. I would love some help getting set up with the Eventbrite stuff so that I can continue to teach some of the time. I’ll call you as soon as I get a chance.


Very sorry to hear that :frowning: I’ve heard very nice things about your classes

Main thing teaching as a non-member, you will need a member to Sponsor you (important: and commits to be present during your class) and they submit it to the calendar.

And of course the eventbrite component set up

If you need more info on teaching as a non-member/sponsored, I’ve helped with that process for several people

IMHO, I think Dallas is a perfect candidate for our scholarship program. The classes will be missed and we need members like Dallas. How could we sponsor Dallas as a scholarship member?

Good idea. Dunno process

Your classes were great! I hope they’re able to get you some assistance!

Ahh :poop: you will be missed!

I feel ya tho this model doesn’t really help teachers out that don’t live close by. :frowning: I live relatively close, and it still cost me about $15 round trip.

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Yeah unfortunately looking at the calendar it seems that it’s biting many of us

You could buy a plane ticket for what you are spending. Are you sure you mean $15? Do you live in oklahoma?

9mpg Hemi and Mountain Dew powered :crazy_face:

Drive it like a spider monkey

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