Ham License Classes

Any Classes on the Agenda?..

Not sure if anything is going on at DMS in amateur radio, but I did my license over the summer with hamstudy.org. I’d highly recommend it. It’s totally online and uses spaced repetition similar to duolingo. If you go through their study program you’ll ace the test.

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Classes I think have been on hold due to Covid.

The ham area is kinda half set up. We’re somewhat in limbo waiting on the electrical room wall to be built.

We have cables run to the roof, but no antennas up yet.

I got my license several years ago but have yet to do anything with it (I have literally never keyed my mic or spoken my call sign out loud).

But I do really enjoy listening to the SkyWarn guys when they are out tornado spotting. You’ll find out about stuff several minutes before you hear it on the news or even NWS weather broadcasts.

For a good time, check out the NWS SkyWarn training videos:


I’m in exactly the same place. Got my license about 3 years ago, bought a handheld, and have not made a single broadcast…

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As a VP of an area radio club. Most clubs welcome visitors to their weekly information and training nets. These are usually run as directed nets on their VHF repeaters. So so they alternate informational updates and rounds of check in requests. Then after all the updates, some round table topic that will get asked by net control. Then net control will go through the list of operators checked in for them to weigh in on the topic. So it is good practice for everyone, and can be a way to learn more about other club members. As I understand it, most area clubs welcome visitors on their nets. I know K5LRK does. Also, if you aren’t sure your radio is set up for use with the repeater, you can usually get a radio check response on many repeaters any time for a couple of hours after work. Simply set up the radio like you think it should be, wait until nobody is actively talking, (often easy to find around here) and key up, say your call sign reasonably slowly, then say radio check. If anyone heard you, they will usually reply back and let you know they heard you, and how it sounded. Typically weather you were full quieting. Or a little weak getting to the repeater, usually indicated by static.


Please consider visiting one or more of the local ham clubs and get on the air! I got my license in 2016 and have met a lot of great folks over the air and in local clubs. Winter Field Day (1/30-31) will probably be virtual this year but restrictions may have lifted by the time Field Day (June 26-27) comes around. That would be a great opportunity to see a lot of ham radio in action and meet people with a shared interest.

73 de KF5I

I will also comment that all the area clubs I am currently aware of are meeting virtually via zoom. Any of the clubs will have their meeting schedules posted on the web sites. And if they don’t have the zoom info posted, will happily share via whatever contact info they have posted. Anyone who wants the zoom info for the Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub (K5LRK), which had club meetings the second Tuesday of each month at 7PM, message me here, and I’ll share the zoom info.