Hack for the Homeland - This weekend @ Tech Wildcatters!

Hey all,

I was looking to have a Civic Hacking meeting this weekend (June 6-7), but last night, I got a rather last-minute invitation to this hackathon: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hack-for-the-homeland-wearables-edition-tickets-17021570977

Any of you interested in wearables, ham radio & wireless communication, and hardware hacking should come out. As if you need any more incentive than simply developing cool new technology to benefit emergency first responders, the grand prize is $25,000 in cash, and a guaranteed spot in Tech Wildcatters’ EMERGE accelerator program (partnership with Dept. of Homeland Security) where you will be able to nurture your project into a full-blown startup with venture capital support.

Maybe Stacy and I will see you there this weekend!

I am going to this weekend’ wearable hackthon in Dallas as well. My project uses LED lighting extensively and I am thinking that there might be a good match between your LED module and my design. My email is [email protected]. I’d like to discuss detail with you before the event. Thanks!

-RJ Tang