Hack DFW: 2019 Hackathon Winners

However, I think Adnan is doing great things in Las Vegas after leaving.

And Nacho is gone as well. I would like to know what he is up to these days.

I miss hanging out with both of these guys.


Just in case anyone doesn’t realize, @Draco has linked to an old edit of the Expelled and Suspended page. Nacho is no longer banned from the space.


I asked him about this. He came to the space after the date and was told to leave.

Nacho: Yeah I was outside and they said to get in my car and leave

Hey I’m just stating facts, you don’t have to accept them.

Facts are, there is no minutes that I can find on any suspension or expelling of him and the only record of him being suspended is in the history of the wiki and yet he was again told to leave after that was removed from the wiki.

Since you can’t find minutes, and he’s not listed on the current wiki page, we agree that he’s not banned. Thanks.

@ESmith … is Nacho suspended or expelled? Can he rejoin? I will let him know if you okay it.

Natcha’s suspension fell off on 8/25 as noted on the old version of the wiki page you linked to. If he’s been subsequently suspended or expelled I was not present for the meeting/suspension, nor was I informed.

I was afraid it was a situation where he was accused of something but then he quit before a formal hearing and the officer suspension just fell off but he is still being accused. If this was the case then if he ever signs up again, he will be suspended? Anyway it could be a strange situation. I would like to have him back.

They who? :blankspace:

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@thespacemaker moved to LA with his AR company.

He came this weekend for the magic leap hackathon at att fondary this weekend. We tied after 36 hours of sitting next to each other and talking shit. It was fun. But deep down inside I know I won because he had to look at my balls for a day and a half.


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