Haas Training - Single Part

Looking for someone, preferably someone in charge of HAAS training to provide a private training class. I have taken the Haas training class a couple of years ago but it didn’t provide me with the level of detail I was looking for to run the machine effectively and by myself. I have a business that makes one single aluminum part which I currently farm out to a machine shop out of state. I would really like to be able to mill this part myself at DMS.

I am willing to pay a good chunk of money for this one on one training or donate the money to DMS. The part is not that complicated. If someone is willing to provide this training and this is approved by DMS please let me know.


You’re solely in the hands of @nicksilva for this one. He’s the only instructor that’s qualified and willing to teach the HAAS.

Thanks, shot him a message!

Do you run the Bridgeport (i.e., are you already machining other things?) Or do you need to learn machining as well as learning how to operate the Haas?

I’ve run the Bridgeport and lathes several times before. I understand a lot of machining and done it before on manual machines. Things like work offsets, speeds and feeds are not foreign concepts to me but what I’m looking for is basically training to make this one part on the Haas machine at DMS. So while I’d like to think I understand about 60-70% of what I will need to make the part the last 30-40% is really machine specific, some parts of CAM programming and using the HAAS controller.


HSorry but you missed the class which was on Sunday. Next on is in May. I don’t have time to do one on one training. Not knowing how many we’re talking about I’m also concerned about production work being done on DMS resources.
You can also contact the HAAS factory outlet in Richardson. They do training there as well.

Edit: thank you for your generous offer