HAAS Training & New pre-requisite

I would like to thank all of those who have been eagerly awaiting for HAAS training. During the December committee meeting, a couple instructors said they were about to put up a class in January. Both instructors do not have a hard set date yet, as they both have started new jobs.

I wanted those folks that have been eagerly awaiting that it will be sooner than later. Also as of November 2019 meeting we voted in that the Bridgeport Mill be part of the pre-requisite to take the HAAS class.

Thank you guys/gals for your patience.


I am a bit in limbo with my Haas training. I completed the domino with @nicksilva but didn’t get around to the personal project before he decided to take his (well deserved) break.

I have already completed the Bridgeport class with @BobKarnaugh. Will I need to start over with the Haas class(es)? Or can I pick up where I left off with the new trainers? Wishful thinking, I’m sure… just don’t want to have to repeat $75 in cost outlay plus almost 8 hours of class and machine-side time - and who-knows-how-many hours of simulator time - already complete.


No, continue with your good. If you have completed your domino already, you do not need to redo it. We will have to verify the domino however. Continue on with your personal project & let us know when you are ready.