HAAS teach the teachers event

After talking with @TBJK I’ll be putting on a teach the teachers event in a few weeks.
It will follow the existing format of my current/former class for consistency so it will take 6 hours . It is scheduled for July 28th - sorry its the only time I could get the lecture hall for that amount of time.
Attendees will need approval. The last time machine shop did one of these, there were probably 10 people that attended. Exactly me was the only one that actually taught. So if you’re approved we’ll expect to see some classes taught.

Class should show up in 48 hours.


Do we need to already be signed off?

I’m going to say yes unless you can show you have experience with this kind of machine.
Knowing how to machine is important.

I do not. Just the other CNCs

With the new certification of these teachers will classes for certification classes on the HAAS pick back up? They seem to have dwindled and from reading through the posts on here its because the main teacher, thank you for so much dedicated time in the future, has moved onto something more time consuming in his daily life.

I’ve run a-couple hundred hours on multiple brands of machines. 70% Tormach, 20% HAAS, 10% miscellaneous.

I’ve got several prototypes from previous machining experiences that I’m ready to imporve upon and run a light manufacturing run of.

What is the fastest way i can get approved to run the machine? Could i do a skills check with someone who is certified or run a class ASAP. I’d be willing to work out a volunteer schedule to help give back with my knowledge in CAM or most specifically fixturing which I have more experience in than many in a maker space (not a professional proficiency yet though).

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Feel free to email me @


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I no longer endorse, support, or volunteer for DMS. check with @TBJK he can put you in contact with a teacher.

We are in the midst of getting our new instructors up to speed. We typically don’t just sign people off on the HAAS due to the large fiduciary responsibility to the committee. We would need to discuss it in person with the instructors. We are having our committee meeting Next Saturday at 5. I would encourage you to join us then and discuss it.