HAAS running unattended? 9/28/18

I haven’t taken the HAAS class but I vaguely remember some post about not leaving it unattended, it’s currently running a job with no one watching, does it need to be paused or is it allowed to be run without eyes on it?


Yes, @nicksilva just recently stayed that is not allowed,. Push the red square on the bottom of the control panel

Was there a tool in the spindle and coolent running?

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Thank you for reporting this. It is only allowed to run unattended during the warm up cycle in which there is no tool, and the spindle is running at the top in a known program. This job was running for approx. 2 hours unattended. The proper action has been taken. In the future, you can always hit the big red emergency stop button.


OK good to know, thanks. I was more worried about the HAAS getting jacked up, wasn’t sure how to stop it without possibly damaging the machine myself

that is one of the reasons it should not be left unattended. If a bad situation had happened, there might not be anyone around that knows what to do and could potentially make it worse or hurt themselves.

This is true for all machinery. It is a real world machine shop rule that you don’t work alone. The buddy next to you might be the one that saves your life - assuming he’s there.

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