Growlerwerks ukeg 64 Pressurized Growler

I have an old growlerwerks growler. Stainless Steel vacuum walled, pressurized, and integrated tap. 64oz

It needs some love. I stopped using it when the grocery store I go to stopped doing fills. It’s been sitting for a while. Definitely needs new seals around the CO2 mechanism and cleaning, but should still be functional otherwise.

$40 to a member. Zelle, Google pay, or venmo

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I am guessing it uses standard CO2 chargers?

Yup. You can put the charger in the cap, and when it’s filled just break the charger seal, close the growler, and open the valve

That’s pretty damn awesome. I am very tempted.

Ok if no one else snags this by the 1st (and if you don’t mind waiting until payday) then I will take it. I fully understand someone else might get it before then and that’s cool.