Grow Your Own Blue Oyster Mushrooms Sun Feb 23, 2020 12pm — 2pm

After having a great class this past Sunday, we are having another taught by Darryl. She assisted me in the last class and is rather passionate about fungi. She also grows some fungi at home as a hobby.

Please sign up by the 21st so we know how much substrate to mix up for the class.


Thanks for teaching this class last time, Adair. It was so much fun, and my fruiting bag is looking great.

Glad to see Darryl is going to try her hand at teaching it as well. I think she’ll be a natural at it.

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It’s a fungus amongus!

You had to go there…

Awe thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the class :blush: It was my first class so I was pretty nervous.

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