Greet the new year with a bang or two or more - Jan 11, 2019 - Eagle Gun Range



This looks awesome!! Since there will be video recording of the shooting stance I’m interested in finding out if there is an opinion on the “chicken wing” stance?



:smile: This is my wing stance. :smile:

As I’m not an instructor or shooting stance zealot, I think whatever stance you can use to shoot accurately and safely should be fine. Competition shooting is a different bag of marbles. With competition shooting the goal is often to limit as many variables as possible to get quick and accurate shooting.

@Julie-Harris, is this what your talking about the chicken wing stance?

Thanks for doing this @Ferman and @mblatz here is your shooting event. It is official.


Uhm, can of worms? :smiley:

Here’s a few videos that speak on the subject. HTH

And to cap it off. :smiley:

P.S. Discussion on Reddit that seems to mirror what’s in the videos above.


I told her not to do it, then she shot better than I did. So I shut up about it.


I’ve got a feeling that there’s a lot of overlap between the demographic that rants about the chicken wing stance but also defends absurd comic book action stances - to say nothing about the … anatomy.

There are of course examples of range-ninja absurdities, awkward people, and historical precedent to be found:


Hey Eric,

If you click into the Reddit link @Ferman, there is a good reasoning behind when to and when not to use the chicken wing. The reddit poster claims the switch was made to take better advantage of hard plate body armor and for moving in more confined areas. He then explains if your not needing to take advantage of that limited scenario, stick with the chicken wing the gained stability is great.


Accessing Reddit at work is hazardous and I can watch videos even less often. However I surmised that confined-space movement was one of the primary reasons for not using the chicken wing outside of mall ninja aesthetics.


Yes, but now I am exhausted going through all this just to go murder some paper. :tired_face:


Haha, I admit that I was s- stirring just a little bit but I also thought it would be interesting to get opinions on it since stance looked like it would be part of the event. I am in the “whatever is comfortable and hits the target” camp. I am at work so I can’t watch those videos right now but I’ll try to watch them tonight. This has been a great discussion and looks a fun event, wish I could make it. :slight_smile:


Is this range pistol only or are rifles welcome too ?


Rifles are welcome also, great range


Now that that is settled, how does everyone feel about holding a pistol sideways gangsta style? :slight_smile:


I have never done this but I’m going to have to try it…


Brace yourself!!! Lol


Tried it once. Didn’t feel right. Maybe with side-mounted sights or acceptance of a larger circular error probable…


I’m not sure exactly what “chicken-wing” is, but I’ve seen a few “hot babe with gun” pics on Facebook that make me think she’s going to break/damage her elbows if she actually fires that gun…


I had to google this for science and some of those stances definitely look uncomfortable to me but whatever works. :grin: The hot brass might be an issue for some of those outfits but I believe that the Eagle gun range in Addison has burn cream in the women’s restroom. Not that I have ever needed it but I have heard that it is there. I would think that the Lewisville location should also have burn cream…


Some links would be thoughtful…


Here is the link to the event …