(GONE!) Free snap cases. (Stupid forum software)

47 small snap cases with anti-static foam inside. Big enough to hold two EPROMs.

Free - porch pickup in Highland Village. No holds, first here gets them.

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These have become invaluable in our classroom for keeping stones and tube settings safe! (As an idea of how they could be used)

I’ve also used them as a shipping aid when sending smaller but delicate items like wood earrings off to shows

They are gone!

Snapped up off of Facebook.


Check with Tanner Electronics that is preparing to go out of business. He may still have a case or two left of some similar small ESD cases…

If he does not, I may still have a box or two… Will have to look around and see where they went in my shop or in storage…

I appreciate the offer. Campus is closed right now and to be honest I will be surprised if we return to business as usual in the fall. Not gonna lie, it’s a real kick in the pants for our metalsmithing program. Until the call is made to give us access to the room again I don’t have storage.