Gold/White Gold/ Mother of Pearl Lusters

I just wanted to let everyone know that I put up another class for the lusters next Wednesday, 1/22/20 @6:30 pm. It should show up this Sunday morning? We got a project shelf to keep these items on until they go to be fired sometime after this class. I also wanted to let anyone know, that already have lusters: you can bring your stuff and put it on the shelf too so it can get in the firing. Either myself, @Monikat or @Krisk can show you where it is because I don’t know how to explain it :thinking:

****Please do not sign up for the class and take a spot if you do not intend to actually show up.

Otherwise, if anyone has any questions, please let me know :slight_smile:


I owe you $$. Sorry I will have it tonight. I promise!

We will be firing these pieces on Wednesday night and posting our awesome results!

Is this going to be a thing moving forward? I have some MOP that I have been wanting to use but know that it is supposed to be crucial in how it’s handled after applying. The way it was explained to me by American Ceramics was it would be best that hands do not touch where MOP has been applied, basically any sort of oily contamination can be an issue. Also was it decided what the firing would be at? Sorry for all the questions - haven’t really been in ceramics in a while and try to play catch-up online as I’m able.

I am hoping for it to be a monthly/bi-monthly firing if we get enough interest for it… We are doing the firing tomorrow night at Cone 019. The golds say 019-018 and the MOP says 020… So we are going to do in the middle. I have had pieces with MOP fired at 019 before and it was fine. I saw that if you should have any cloudiness after firing, perhaps due to oil contamination, it can just be buffed out with a clean microfiber cloth. But if you already have things to put in, bring them tomorrow night! It is looking like we are still going to have a lot of room.

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Sadly I do not think I will have anything for tomorrow night, but I do hope to have something within the next two months perhaps. Thus why I was seeing if it was going to be enough of an occurrence :slight_smile:

I know i want to have a couple things.