GlassWorks Committee Meeting Tuesday 4/16


Please join the GlassWorks Committee meeting next Wednesday. e will be make our plans to move into our new space. All help will be greatly appreciated.

We will need people to physically move things from one space to another.
Get small and large items out of storage.
Assemble cabinets

Please be advise will will be operating on partial power so will will remain doing project classes unto we can get the power in to run all of the kilns. after this is done kiln classes will in the calendar.

Equipment 101 classes will be back on the scheduled as soon as the work station and equipment are set up and ready for use.

We will also be voting on-
Kris Anderson would like to move the large metal kiln in the metal shop to the Glass Dept.

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Change of meeting place and date - we will be meeting in the conference room of the new space chairs will be available.

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I have a large light table that I am willing to donate to DMS that might be of use to your committee. I will drop by my old house and get a photo of it. I need to make it disappear soon as we are getting ready to sell the old house.



Great, before I say yes or no, Please send the pictures and size.




It is basically 4 foot wide and about 3 deep. About 3 foot tall. Very heavy but I can deliver. Currently the glass top and diffuser is just sitting on top. Took them off to make it lighter to move previously.



We will take it if you will deliver it!

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Reminder GlassWorks meeting tonight in Common room of 102

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