GlassWorks Classes

Sorry for the delay on GlassWorks classes. I have 3 that will show on the calendar Wednesday night, held on Sunday.

At this time I would prefer no weeknight classes. I’m working a lot of over time and have no idea when I’ll leave work.


Just a heads up!
Classes are now on the calendar. Class size is limited.


Fyi The dichroic class is showing 0 spaces available but still has a green register now button.

I know that’s goofy, but it let me click on it. I wasn’t signed in, but it took me to the register page, where it told me to sign in. Check it and see if you can register. I’m in the equipment class, and I wanted more people to have a chance at something.

Sorry all classes are full

Could you do us a favor and see if you’ve actually got folks in the Dichroic class? It looks weird.

Yup, I looked at all classes attendance is full.

that was a damn fast fill-up on classes.
Yea! glassworks.

Yup, less than a day all 3 filled. I look forward to them on Sunday!

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I see the issue I’m bringing supplies student bring 8.00 to class.

It’s set a 4 free 8.00 at 0 students. I don’t recall setting that way but I have sent a message for correction

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