GlassWorks Chair

In the GlassWorks Chair meeting yesterday, I was voted in as chair. How do I get this on the agenda for the next board meeting?

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If you will point me to the meeting minutes on the wiki, I’ll be glad to update the board agenda item for you.

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Thank you!
I just posted the info to the wiki

GlassWorks 20202508 Chair Vote

Chair Election Meeting 8/25/20 4pm

A meeting call in phone number was provided on the event calendar. No one called in.

The meeting was attended by; April Burk Anita Willis Beth Appleton Johnny Bluejacket

There was 1 emailed Proxy vote from Lorenzo Guerra.

The vote was unanimous for Anita Willis to become chair of the GlassWorks Committee.

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@John_Marlow Did this get on the next board meeting?

I added Anita to the chairs appointment list