GlassWorks Agenda for 12/3/18


Agenda for 12/3/18

Expansion update

Looking for a volunteer to head up the move into the new space.

Furniture placement in new space to include,
2 New teachers cabinets, and microwave rolling cabinets, 2 rolling equipment cabinet, Lamping table.
2 -ft work tables, (kilns already have a set location.

We have a large table with a build-in light box in storage possible 4x8 that needs to be in the floor plan.

Giant cabinet designed to hold glass add to floor plan 8 ft tall x 6ft long 3 ft wide.

Power box on back wall will need to be kept clear at all times.

Needed volunteer to put legs on 2 6 ft tables and get with purchasing agent to buy legs. Also to get with Chris M on when the tables will be obtained.

A volunteer to price and create a proposal on our chair purchase. How many will be need, and how tall based on the work tables.

Lamping discussion, type of Lamping.

In light of the messes being left in the jewelry dept after hours, let’s discuss options to put in place that may help us avoid this issue.

Stain glass class update

Please let me know if there is anything you would like added to the agenda or if you have any questions or concerns at @meanbaby on talk.


Please be advised that the ceiling in there is approximately 8’ 9".


Thank you for posting the agenda well in advance before the meeting. If only all of our committees did the same…