Glass Grinder not very effective

I was working on a stained glass piece today, and I was using the glass grinder closest to vector, but it didn’t seem to be grinding all that well. I had maybe 1/4 to 1/8 of an inch of glass to grind to get to my template and I had to push extremely hard and work it for a very long time to get results. Is it something I’m doing wrong? Are the grinders just old? Is there some other tool I can use to ‘sand’ down the unwanted glass?

Good question… @meanbaby would be the one to know. We have had it a while, and it might need a new wheel… How much sanding did you need? Serious removal? Or light clean-up?

The most I was trying to sand was probably about the width of my finger nail, max. Hard to gauge because the pieces are so irregular due to my terrible cutting abilities, its for a small stained glass table lamp I am attempting to make

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Hello, thank you for the update. The grinder head may need replaced. I think we have one in the parts drawer. Not sure if it is for that grinder. I’ll be at DMS on the weekend and check.

How did your project turn out? Can you post a pic?

Thank you,
Anita Willis

Here’s my first panel of 6! Basically I bought one of these cheap touch lamps ( and I’m trying to recreate the curved glass pieces with stained glass but it’s been a pain in the butt to even get this far with it. I wonder if something like glass slumping would be easier, at this point I’m dreading making the other 5 panels. Trying to get the same curve out of flat pieces of glass is more difficult than I initially predicted


We only have a fine grit new grinder heat. The old hex screw is on to tight, Johnny Bluejacket is going to try to replace it tomorrow.

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