Glass donation for


How much do you need? This is 2.5m random size float glass.


Whatever you want to give away that someone doesn’t need. Each plate I’ll shoot will be 5x7 inches in size.


We are planing classes around the supply, so it is wanted. It has been an awesome benefit for GlassWorks.

We will be happy to give you some, but not stock you up with it. Are you looking for boxes of it or pieces?


Pieces that I can cut to 5x7 or at the smallest 4x5. Really not a big deal just whatever you don’t need or thats excess. Classes obviously take precedent but if theres free unused glass, that would be trashed or otherwise left to sit forever, I could make use of it.



You use plain (non coated) glass ? 5x7 & 4x5 is small and I usually toss a lot of glass in the trash that could be cut into those sizes…

The hack in your avatar - is that a Ural?


Yep. In the Wet Collodion process, glass (or aluminum/sheet metal) is the substrate on which the chemicals and photographic image sit. They’re called Ambrotypes when shot on glass and can be either positives or negatives. Negatives allow you to contact print them to paper using other alternative processes

And yes, its my 2010 Ural Gear-Up. Had it for a few years now, insanely fun to ride and pretty functional hauling stuff too, lol.


When the expansion is complete and we have a classroom with a sink, I would love some photography classes.


Sure thing, is there something particular you want a class over?

I have a Darkroom 101: Developing film at home scheduled for Nov. 12th. Should appear on the calendar in the next few days. This is a demo over how to develop film and the equipment. I don’t actually develop film right there but in the expansion, with a sink in the classroom, I’d be able to.



Do you have a way to cut the glass? 5x7 & 4x5 is small.


Yes, typically I use a scoring knife and glass pliers to snap

If you have excess glass that you’d otherwise throw away, that I’d be able to cut to my sizes, we can definitely work out whatever deal!


I was st DMS last night and did not see the glass?


I did not have a chance to bring it by but I will this evening.


I won’t be back until Saturday, please see Beth A she said she would put this up until I. An get it to storage


I can hold off until you get back - i’m sure there is enough in storage already.

Kurt - I’ve started a 5x7 stack for your cause as well.


Probably the best plan anyway, as I will also be out of town starting tomorrow.