Glass donation for



I have 2 boxes of plain glass - do you want them?


I’ve been cleaning out my back shop…

I can bring them with me Thurs evening or another night


@Kriskat30 … what do you think about using some of that glass for the new windows in the doors?


If these are internal doors, suggest using safety glass


They are small “peep holes” in classroom doors.


I don’t know what type it is so Tom will have to chip in if it’s possibke.


@meanbaby and 20 characters


The glass has been working wonderfully for the microwave pendant classes. We Plan to use it for the etching class. It has also worked well for the equipment training class. Yes please bring.
I will put it in storage. And thank you so much!

I have a plan to put some of the stuff in the committee storage back into the storage building but I’m having some health issue that are preventing me from lifting things. So some of my well layed out plans are delayed.


This is your standard garden variety “window” glass - nothing special. I do not use it for art /photo framing. 2.5mm thick (+/-)

Anita has seen my glass storage rack - and once you are settled - you are welcome to all the loose plain glass I have. That is not in boxes and is not as easy to pickup and transport due to size irregularity and amount. I am saving glass boxes though for just that sort of thing…

I also have a few dozen replacement standard glass cutting wheels - tiny little fockers that do wear out and can be replaced. You are welcome to them if you can use them. (I use a carbide cutter in my wall mounted machine).

My clean up continues…


great! do you want me to go by when i am better, or can you drop it off at DMS?


The glass should also work for some diamond bit engraving on the haas. Save me a piece to do some samples before we get together on that


Say whaaaaaattttttttt???


There is glass. Hoo-baby! There is Glass! If I see you, I can get you some (of the plain, window pane variety) glass.



What evening this week will you be at the space(other than tonight) ?

I’ll bring a few pieces down


“When” is more the question - Friday night I can bring the 2 boxes.
Where - do I put them?


I can make sure that they get where they need to get. @meanbaby will have to tell me where that is, of course…


I will only be there on Thursday and Friday


Nick we have a good amount of pane glass and Tom is bring more. I probably won’t be in until next week. Beth is going to put the glass someplace by the microwaves until I can get where I can pick it up and put it in storage. Go ahead and get you some to test on.


I also showed @meanbaby Anita where some plateglass was located in ca so it can be used for glass fusing in the kilns.


I’m out on medical leave until next week doc wants me on bed rest. So I’ll move the glass to storage next week.


If we’re just giving away glass, I could use some for wet plate photography :wink: