Glass Availability Outside of Class

Hi Glass Group,

I have a couple of projects I’d like to complete and I’m not able to find the glass that is available for projects outside of a class. I thought before the shut down there were a few places in the area labeled for use with a donation to the group.

Could you point me in that direction please.

Thanks, Monika

I’m not sure we still have that glass. I know the art glass was almost gone and the float glass was for classes. @meanbaby would know for sure.

Are you looking to do fusing or stained glass?

Stained glass chards to make more of the candle holders that was a class a while back.

It looks like the donation glass is pretty low right now.

How small or big do you need? I have some i could send your way.

Thank you April. I don’t need much but I did have some specific colors I was going to look for before I purchased from elsewhere. I’ll just purchase but I appreciate the offer

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Monica are you talking about a small brown box that was full of small thick tiles marked for donation?
I am not sure what Jen did with that box. She may have incorporated it into the mosaic class class glass. I won’t be by there until Sat or maybe Sunday. I’ll check and get back with you.

The misc colored glass in the white box with drawers Is available at 10c a square inch this is stained glass but should work on mosaic pieces. There should be a sign on the tall white box if someone didn’t take it down.
1 large flat box that was marked donation from Tom T was Float glass. This was put into the shelf with DMS other float glass. This is for fusing and enamel classes.
The other 2 boxes of float glass next to that one not marked donation were from Tom T for me, they went home for personal projects.

If you just need some random clear scrap float glass, please get some from that square open top box above that April posted. Pic of. At N/C that is now scrap of scrap.

Thank you,
Anita Willis

Thanks for the info. I’m not going to be in for a few weeks, so I’ll look for those things when I return

Thanks again, Monika