Glad to be back at DMS!


I’m excited to be back at DMS! I was a member from 2012-2015 and now I’m moving back from San Antonio.

I have been a member at the 10bitworks makerspace for the last 3 years and it is a much smaller place. I’m looking forward to coming in on Thursday night and seeing how much the space has grown.


Welcome back!

Go to the Expansion category and browse to see what we’re doing with the space. You won’t believe how much we’re growing!


Welcome back Mikel! Will be good to see you around DMS again.


Welcome back Mikel.

Just over 2,000 members.

Our footprint has changed to 36,000. We are taking over the space next door.

Glad to hear you will be back with us.


Welcome back! This is the guy who convinced me to join.


How funny, the timing is almost identical to my brief stint (at old location) and re-entry this weekend. Nice to meet everyone!


Welcome back! Hope to see you this week and I love hearing the stories of how we started. I had the pleasure of meeting Ed Paradis a couple weeks ago when he came to visit.


Welcome back @mikelduke and @mwicDallas!


I visited them a few years back, and they were all really nice people. They asked a lot of questions about DMS and had me repeat a few answers in disbelief. They were primarily shocked at our size and the percentage of female members we had. :slight_smile:

I think they have since moved to a new location. I really liked their “Come and Make It” logo, especially being in that city.


Welcome back! My brother lives near San Antonio and was thinking about joining 10bitworks.


Thanks yall, it’s crazy how much the space has grown and still expanding.