Giving Thanks 2021

I’d like to give thanks to all those who help keep this place going. All the volunteers, who take time from their busy lives to volunteer. It could be as simple as sweeping, making labels, or taking out the trash. It could be in the unsung back end work that nobody notices until its broke. You could be simply teaching someone in a class or showing someone a better way of doing something. You could answer the door & give a 1 off tour or a tour to many. You could simply be helping with a badge. Without all of you volunteering, we would not be here.

Think about that, none of us are being paid, while industries are struggling to find people to work for money. I think that really shows the dedication we have to this place.

With all that said, I hope everyone can reflect on the important things in their lives. Look at your fellow members & thank them, we need each other. Appreciate what others give to this organization. You may say its not but time, but if you think about it, its one of our most finite resources we have. We can always make more money, have more things, but we all have limited time in this world.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, or Y’all.

Now go make something, even if its just a difference.


So well said! And I’m thankful for you @TBJK !