Getting signed off on the leather sewing machine?

I recently ran into some more free time and want to get signed off on the Thor.
I know how to sew, just need the slight differences.

@matthshooter is who you need to talk to.

There are two things that make thor unlike another sewing machine. A) it can and will sew through your hand if you dont know how to use it, and B) threading it is a bitch. It’s why we dont give one off’s during office hours unless Matt is avail.

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I will let you know when I will be at the space next.

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Following along, I am interested as well.

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is matthshooter the only person able to sign people off? it seems like a pretty severe bottleneck. seeing as he is a ways away.

i saw in the tools list there is a slightly less powerful sewing machine that still does leather? curious if that one has a broader list of sign-off qualified people.

Sorta-kinda. There’s the Pfaff, which will do any of your medium-weight leather things. Most of us that are qualified on the regular sewing machines are willing to help you figure out the Pfaff.

I suppose we should’ve asked what sort of project was planned? For me, if it’s a couple of lighter pieces of leather that one is planning, go for the Pfaff. The Thor will sew 2 pieces of sole/armor/saddle weight leather together.

it’s okay the medium weight sewing machine didn’t even occur to me until this thread started.

They’re lighter pieces. think bow ties using thinner chromatan and such. nothing like shoes or outdoor wear.

I can be by the makerspace wed/ thurs/ fri randomly I’d just need to know when is a reasonable time to shoot for.

@mdittenber were you interested in the medium weight pfaff?

(i would eventually like to get the thor worked out but that’s for later)

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I was looking for the heavier weight machine. I may have a few projects with 30+ oz of leather. No hurry for me. Still working on designs.

I’m here tonight. On Thursday, I’m usually in Ceramics. S/b here Friday afternoon from about 1 or 2 pm until midnight-ish…

You can ask him to do a train the trainer when he is avail and sign people off. Otherwise we have only had one other person step up to teach it. It is one of those machines that the person teaching has to have some experience using, otherwise we are just teaching you to thread it.

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Technically anyone that’s been signed off COULD do a one on one and we’ve done a few train the trainers in the past with no new instructors emerging.

@matthshooter are there any other instructors you’d feel comfortable are able to teaching one on ones based on your past trainings?

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I’ve taken one quick class with Matt, but I’d like a bit more on it before I teach it. I probably need to get some leather for practicing.

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@Christina_Revis has also been using and teaching the Thor.

Another option is the Rex 607. It’s a clone of the sailrite.

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Huh – @jrkriehn – have you seen the Rex? I’m not sure I’ve ever laid eyes on it.

I could throw some practice leather in your direction as a donation when we check me off. A while back I ran into a large amount of (meh) leather for free. Friday is looking pretty good. I am just now free / getting awake lol!

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The Rex is in a plastic case next to the ironing board against that south wall. But I don’t recommend it. It wasn’t running well when I took a class last fall, and I don’t think it has healed itself on the interim

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I’ve been trained on the Thor by Matt and have used it a bit both on leather and to sew the barn shades I made.

I’m comfortable threading, stitching, winding bobbins (which is a little twitchy), replacing bobbins, adjusting speeds & stitch lengths, using the edge guide, etc.

I feel I can train other to use it safely and I am willing to do so, but I have not been formally OK’d to do so.

What’s the process to become another trainer? @matthshooter