Getting a ceramic piece off a cookie

I’m sad to say a few pieces I glazed seemed to have run way more than expected and got stuck to their cookies. Does anyone have any insight as to how I could separate my pieces without breaking them?

Will you be around this evening? I’ll be there and Brenda has a class so she’ll be in. We can chat about it.

What time this evening?

Just curious, which glazes are those? So the rest of us can be careful should we want to use those colors. Good luck getting the piece separated!

I would break the cookie and offer to make a replacement. You can grind the nubs down. But, at this point it is all bandaids.

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I’ll be in ceramics about 3.

Steve, this issue may have been the result of the miss fire vs. the glaze. Just wanted you to keep that in mind.


Ive had pretty good luck using a Demel tool with a diamond cutting disk. Cut through the runs carefully and it will often separate, will still have to grind down the glaze though. If you grind enough of the drip off the piece can be fired a second time to “fix” any damage to the glaze from grinding.
Now for the bad news, it’s expensive - $20+ for the cutting tool and requires lots of patience. If you decide to try it, please wear safety glasses to protect eyes from tiny bits of glass your grinding off and do outside in a well ventilated area as dust is also not good for you.