Garage door fix 11-18-19

Hey there y’all, I wanted to make a central place in hopes that hon1nbo won’t get blown up by people asking him when the garage door will be repaired. So hon1nbo, is there an expected date the garage door will be repaired?

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We got a new auto chair, @hon1nbo, so it’s his problem now. Edit: I might’ve misspoke… Perhaps the door is infrastructure’s problem.

That being said I’ve seen the door falling when stopped issue before and it usually clears itself up. My guess is whenever it’s enabled again it’ll just start working

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Someone is here looking at it right now.


The garage door maintenance and repair is not part of the Automotive committee.


Gotcha, thank you Tom.

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This is something I have in process. The door currently has a borked spring. They will be back tomorrow to fix it.



That door and that ramp have been the source of many NON automotive problems but since the “automotive area” is right there - it gets the blame…

If they trash the spring, I’d like to have it if that’s possible. The blacksmithing applications are numerous.

Mike C
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will ask them for it


Do all blacksmithing folks drool at the same time when free spring steel might be available? I assume it’s like a disturbance in the force and blacksmithing can feel it in the air.


And if they long for one bad enough, can the force Bork a spring to satisfy Blacksmithing’s unquenchable lust for springs?


Mystery steel is always a mixed bag, but if you’re willing to play with it, it can be a good resource, and the price is right. Mystery tool steel is more of a mixed bag when it comes to heat treatment (esp. quenching). Stil, it’s kind of a “better to have it and not need it” kind of thing.

I’ve collected auto leaf springs, car coil springs and garage door springs. I’ve made knives from the former two. Garage door springs tend to be too-small-diameter to be super useful, but I’ve made leatherworking “petal lifters” using it. It’d also be useful for making small pry tools. One could also cut it up into short segments and make a cannister “damascus” pattern steel from it - that may be where this is headed.

FWIW, Petal Lifters are a chisel-like tool which one can use to create greater lift on tooled leaves and flowers. The areas under the leaf in this example were pulled up using a petal lifter (from the Intertubes - not my work):



Continuing with this off topic -
What did you do with the axle shaft I gave you from my F150?
Would you be inclined in coil springs from an automobile?

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Part of it became a hammer drift (for enlarging the hole in a hammer-to-be for the handle to fit).

Yes, please on the coil springs. Here’s a knife I made from a coil spring I found on the shoulder of US75.



A good friend owns an import garage so I’ll ask him to sett springs aside for you and your fellow Smithies


So these would be non-moon walker knives? Can you cut a 1" rope with such a knife?

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Only if it’s labeled 25.4mm


[quote=“FreddyCalvert, post:6, topic:65158”] d
They will be back tomorrow to fix it.

Make sure that someone repairs the suspended ceiling tiles above the garage door. It is a Fire Hazard leaving the ceiling open.


I trust this is a good point and I thank you for making it! I would not otherwise have guessed there was a fire hazard consideration here.

Those have been damaged incrementally over several years by the multitude of services performed on the door.

I don’t suppose we should ask the door service company to repair it (even if they caused it (they didn’t cause all of it)) since the damage is so old. Then again, if they’d do the work themselves then maybe paying them to do it is easiest, but I don’t know if they do.

I’m sure we have a supply of ceiling tiles, but do we have tees anywhere? It’s missing some tees now and that’s the main reason I didn’t repair it when I knocked the last ceiling tile down a year ago.


Wanted to provide an update that this is still in process. We are waiting on parts. Will udpate you as I know more.