Garage cleaning surprises


So today I “cleaned” my garage. I was surprised how much $hit I have. I forgot I had many of the tools. It has given me another problem, I need more tool storage. My 41” box is completely full & thats an understatement.


Yup. When I recently sold my house and moved, there were a surprising number of duplicate tools I discovered.


I think I have no fewer than 20 utility knives, 25 hammers at least & probably 60 different screwdrivers. Lol


Sounds like a start for a DMS Olympic competition. You could toss utility knives at that butcher block effigy out back, and host a hammer throw in the grassy area up by the sign by Monetary Ln.


I inherited a bunch from my dad. I packed them and stored them in my garage then completely forgot about them. Recently, while looking for a tarp I knew I’d stored somewhere I found them. No fewer than four boxes of tools ranging from carpentry to machine shop tools. All old, very used and probably not too much life left in them, but definitely reminded me of my dad. One was labelled bicycle parts which was a bunch of junk from an old bicycle I had. I guess once in a while we all need to purge our garages of stuff. You just never know when you might need it though.:grinning:


I know the feeling. I need to thin out a LOT of stuff. Consolidated my grandfather’s, dad’s, mom’s second husband and my brother’s, along with my own. Going to keep all of the hammers and just label the drawer as “Jeremy Clarkson’s Tools”. Also, I am going to keep every single 10mm socket I come across.


If you have Netflix or some you can get on YouTube. Look up Marie Kondo… She is the Japanese cleaning expert. She does not come clean your home, she gives you the mental and physical tools to do it yourself.

I have started. It will take a bit of time. It takes patience because you did not get there overnight. It will get things reduced and organized.

T-shirts, not undershirts. I donated 50 extras. I still have plenty too. Pretty interesting process.

Stay tuned for an occasional update.


Yeah, I actually have her manga on my phone. It’s been on there a while and hasn’t helped with cleaning too much yet lol.

r/konmari on reddit is a good source as well. Lot’s of real world examples of people’s success.


We bought her book. I opened it to a random page and saw this sentence:

“‘Storage experts’ are hoarders.”



You actually have to take action. That is the challenge.


My superpower is needing something the week after I finally tossed it.


I made those DMS signs, please don’t throw hammers at them :slight_smile:


6 months unused, unloved or unwanted. Out the door and never buy them again unless you need/want it.


Not at the signs!!! Or -at- anything, really. I was referring to the green space. Just flinging the length of the grass without breaking things. Like car windows.