GanttProject - anyone use this?

Anyone use GanttProject?

I’ve been spoiled having free access to MS Project and now that my free access is gone, I’m looking for something to do limited project planning (on a Mac). I need Gantt charts (with task interdependencies), PERT charts, and critical path planning. Anything else is gravy.

We used Gantt in school, it pretty much just does what you asked for. There wasn’t a lot to it to figure out.

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We’ve used instagannt at work. Not the most feature rich, but useful for what we do

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I downloaded it. It doesn’t run at all - doesn’t even open. Apparently the vendor already knew this is a problem. Possible workarounds are posted, but outside my technical wheelhouse.


Personally I don’t bother too much with gantt charts but do use a plugin for trello from time to time when building reports.

But since one is only looking for Gantt charts and not a kanboard with waterfall addons then might I suggest using google sheets?,to%20link%20to%20the%20spreadsheet.

completely free and comes with one’s gmail account. Plus if your use to using M$ office products then its not much of a difference with google’s suite of office tools.

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Thanks! Does this also do PERT and critical path?

There’s a template for PERT

if one needs to do UML/Charting then I’d pair google sheets with

But personally I’ve been managing both my own and committee based projects in a customized WBS sheet that also has entries for cost accounting.

I based it off the same one which is being used on the Marble Machine X since this one also includes metrics.