Galaxy S8+ Screen Replacement Help


Does anyone have the skillset and interest, or recommendation of someone/where to replace a cracked screen on a Galaxy S8+ ? It has finally become annoying and is naturally the one I didn’t put on insurance. I would love to know if repair is a thing I could make happen for less than the +$250 I was just quoted by random cell repair place.



That sounds about right price wise based on the labor hours and parts.

They sell a kit with everything including the tools but it costs more than what you were quoted.

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Looks like some other places have similar kits for less money. iFixit is reputable. I don’t know anything about these folks.

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I’ve had some repairs done at Smart Techs at 401 N. Central Expressway in Richardson. Same shopping strip as Kebab-n-Kurry. If you’re nearby, it’s worth giving them a shot.



VCC does a lot of this repair work at the space as a service for members.

If one buys the digitizer ($50 on amazon) then pick out a time that works for them on our calendar then as long as your a member in good standing it’s a free repair.

All that we encourage is one donates something to or volunteer for the committee,

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If you bought it, and pay your phone bill(unsure if it has to be both bought & paid bill) with your credit card, the phone might be insured thru the credit card company.
At least a couple of card companies offer this benefit. You may want to check with your card company.
I’ve availed of the benefit a few times. You pay for it up front, send in your documents, and they reimburse you less deductible(I forget if tax is also reimbursed, it’s been a while).