FYI: Tandy Leather and gift cards (Updated after talking to Tandy)

Just an FYI.

I had a Tandy gift card I thought I should use since they are pulling back inventory from stores. Tried to use it with an online order using the method specified on their web site.

They charged my credit card the full amount and emailed me saying their central fulfillment center doesn’t have the ability to process gift cards. I’m still going back and forth with them but I’m not happy with them so far.

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Did you have to give them a CC # on top of the gift card info? BTW, I think they’re lying since it is (or was) the same CC system that they run gift cards thru.

I’m guessing that anyone with store credit will be getting screwed too.

Yes you give your cc number and put a note on the order with your gift card info.

Dispute the amount difference w/your credit card issues if Tandy won’t resolve. Email with Tandy customer service (i.e. documentation) will help the dispute resolve in your favor.

This is assuming the amount involved is worth the time, brain cells, etc.


Well that is just wrong

Update: After several rounds of back-and-forth I am requesting them send me a return UPS label. Tandy claims they cannot process gift cards on orders shipped from their warehouse (only for orders processed at a store). They have stressed several times this is a new discovery, and yet if you start an order on their site and go to check out, the instructions for how to use a gift card are still there. They still have stores open, presumably still able to take Tandy gift cards, and presumably with working telephones. So I think it’s a case of “don’t want to” rather than “can’t” at this point.

The thing that really gets me is that along with the gift card number in the order special instructions space, I put a note to the effect, “if this card can’t be used on this order please let me know before processing.” They ignored that as well.

I’m sure I’m being a big jerk by not cutting them some slack in these trying times, or somesuch. If you say you’re open for business, be open for business.


How it worked in the old days was that internet orders were routed to the nearest store based on the zip code - which is El Paso (a store). The warehouse never shipped anything but their outlet stock. So I’m inclined to think this another falsehood on their part

Now I find out they want me to pay for return shipping too. Grrrrrrr

Lodge a complaint with the credit card company

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I would 100% talk to the CC company and possibly do a chargeback. I don’t see a point in rewarding bad business practices.

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Tandy claims to have a “100% Satisfaction Policy”.

I’d ask for a refund on the Gift Card.


I drove by the Dallas store today. It is closed, empty, and the sign is down so there is truth to the rumors. Phoenix,Austin, Ny, St. Leonard are suppose to follow suit Monday.

That’s too bad, but not really surprising. They were good for getting your feet wet, but once you know what you want, better deals were a few clicks away.