Fusion Laser - Weak Laser

Hey Team -

As early as yesterday (7/22), I noticed some usual issues relating the the quality and performance of the Fusion Laser. I experienced sporadic flames/fires, as the laser would cut my acrylic. I am using the same acrylic I used two prior occasions, with the same settings - in other words, none of my controls changed. To remedy, I modified the Speed and Power, yet the issues persisted - especially, worsened as I increased the Power. Due to this, the edges of my pieces are burnt/scotched. And, the laser made tiny indents in my pieces, from the metal tray, where it passes over a metal squares. Today (7/23), upon returning, using the same controls (same acrylic, same settings), it seems as though the laser has weakened, now it is partially cutting (it is perforating) my pieces. If I increase the power it prompts flames/fire. This seems to be an equipment issue, as I swapped my material - I have 20+ sheets of acrylic, that I have cut on the Fusion without prior issue before. Might someone know the root cause?

I’m not sure, and I didn’t notice any issue when using the Fusion for some engraving earlier today.

The indentations are an unfortunate consequence of the cutting grid and material choice. Epilog sells a ‘slat style’ vector cutting table for large pieces specifically to minimize this issue.

We’re trying to play very safe with this laser as we learn it, so if someone at the space could please place a sign on the laser and shut it down until it can be looked at, that would be great. Thanks.

It appears the autofocus plunger isn’t behaving as expected (sets the table slightly above the focus plane). Switching to manual focus produced noticably improved results (reduced kerf, reduced backside ‘nicks’) It did not remove the flares but I believe that’s an issue with the particular settings and material.

We’ll contact epilog and determine if the plunger needs adjustment. In the mean time if anyone needs upmost quality I’d recommend sticking to the manual focus or ‘thickness’ modes.

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You should get a green dot.

Will do, thank you for looking into this Michael!!