Fusion laser reminders: no metal weights, and clean

As a reminder to laser users, please do not use metal bars as weights in this machine. The head moves with too much acceleration to risk a collision with a metal weight.

Additionally, please remember to clean up your drops.


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Is there anything we can use to get an item to lay flatter? I am planning on testing out some leather and I know it has some curve to it? Can we tie it down to the grate?


I don’t know about tying down; for engraving at least one should be using the flat table and could tape to that.

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Leather is the tricky one. We’re not allowing weights because of the risk to the machine, there’s risk to the thunders but fusion damage will be much more expensive.

For leather, epilog may have some videos or examples using leather, I would be ok if we replicated their method of holding leather flat. I’m not sure what that is at the moment, but if you find something, post it and we can talk about it.

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I like that idea. I may give that a shot.

Good idea. I’ll check those out. I will probably be up there Monday or before to try a few things out.

I’ve never done anything on the laser with leather but…

Creative arts (and Michael’s / Hobby Lobby) has some removable spray adhesive that turns anything into essentially a sticky note. Could spray that on something flat, let it dry and then press your leather down on it. It should peel right off with no residue.


That’s a good call. Thank you!

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Screen printing spray tack or waterbased platen adhesive would be ideal for this - it’s highly repositionable and holds well. Either that or heat press the leather for 30 seconds if it’s small enough. Heat press is what I use when I’m doing DTG on leather.