Fun with Ferrets


but ferrets are cute and fun to play with :smiley:

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Who is the vice-chair for Software (SDC)?

One of the meetings that @Narkane had … They had ferret videos with ferrets jumping around running continuously in the background on the big screen while attempting to run the meeting.



Drugs r bad mmmkayyyy



Yes … but I think this was more ADHD than anything else … He doesn’t need for this! Or perhaps he does.



They had ferret videos with ferrets jumping around running continuously in the background on the big screen while attempting to run the meeting

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Ferrets stink. And before anyone tells me their ferrets don’t stink, you are lying liars that lie.



Don’t remind me, someone I knew kept 16 of them at one time. Lets just say Pigpen from Peanuts had nothing on this person.



:nauseated_face: and gag gag



This is about the only thing that comes to mind with ferrets





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ok yes, I moderated myself…

Let the ferret memes fly


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Draco - The Ferret…:rofl:

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Apparently I’m a lying liar who lies… ferrets don’t have to stink. Just most owners don’t care for them like they should. A bath every two weeks with baby shampoo. clean cage daily. No one will know you have a ferret until it pops it’s head out from cupboard.

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There are many other ferret-signs. Stolen keys, for one!



My brother had ferrets for a while. One was easily litter box trained… the other, not so much. He would find “deposits” in corners of rooms.

Keys, pens, hair clips, pretty much anything shiny that they could drag was turned into ferret toys.

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The crapping in corners thing gets me. I worked at many pet stores when I was grooming full time and they’d always have them in glass cages. So you’d see the ferret back up to do its business against clear glass:nauseated_face:



Give them the attention they need and you’ll know their stashes. Plus, hang them on hook by door without bookcase or anything to climb up on and you’re golden. Living with ferrets is a constant battle of who is smarter. Most owners that I’ve known personally don’t appreciate that. They want the cuteness of a ferret with the ease of ownership of a cat.



I never had too much trouble out of them growing up. They got bathed pretty regularly, but one of the most helpful things was washing their bedding regularly. …and just like completely replacing yearly. Even clean/cleaner ferrets still have a smell, but I didn’t really find it to be bad. Mildly pleasant?

I also had them litter box trained. Whenever I was ready to let them out I made them “go” before they got run of the office and hall. That area was pretty ferret-proofed. Only a small number of places to stash thing too. One of them really liked taking dog food pieces from the hall and stashing them under my dad’s desk, one piece at a time. She’d be at it for hours… wore her out pretty reasonably. Just use the hand vacuum after putting her up. They also liked trying to pull shoes under the couch.

They’re spastic, but a lot of fun. :slight_smile: I’ll probably get some again in the future.

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Ferrets don’t appreciate this…

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