Full - Pot Pals July Raku firing

I am in the midst of planing a Raku firing. This will be an event- ish thing, not a class. At this time there is 1 space open. This will be the Pot Pals meet up and make for July. but you do not have to be in the Pot Pals group to participate. (((as I type this spaces have been filling.))))

I am still in the planning stages but what I have so far is-

This will be on a Saturday night in July. We will narrow down the date soon as a group.

You bring 3-5 items midfire clay items, bisque fired - I’ll advise of the size requirements soon.

I am planing a glazing party - everyone brings 1 jar of glaze and a covered dish of food and we share glazes and visits, about a week before the firing.
20.00 per person paid in advance ( the full amount goes to Connor Muldoon)

The location is at Connors Muldoon’s home Carrolton area

Please message me if you are interested, open spots are going very fast.

( ((( Bringing to your attention @ladysandry ))))

… … Pot Pals is a small group that meets 2 Saturdays a month to make wheel thrown clay items, share ideas, share techniques, fellowship, food.

Thank you
Anita Willis


You said there was one space available I would like to take that last face please. I love Raikou!!! I haven’t had the chance to do any in many years so I need to get in and make some pots and get them fired and maybe they won’t get lost this time.

I am sorry Amanda R grabbed it as soon as I posted.

I am sorry the word Raku spread fast causing it to fill up.i will let you know if there are any cancellations.

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Thanks I would appreciate that very much. Just keep me in mind next time please

Raku firings are fun and dangerous and the results are start at beautiful and sometimes are amazing.

It is my favorite form of firing.

It is fast compared to high fire ceramics.

The pieces are fired up to about 1500 degrees then pulled red hot out of the kiln with tongs and fire suits. The pieces are put in containers of combustible materials that releases carbon which binds to the clay

It looks like this event is full and you should try it sometime.

This is classic Raku. Black rim and cracked white glaze.


This in being held at Connor Muldoons house filled up like in 30 min. Our makers Re thirsty for alternate firings. Should maybe host this a couple times a year ( at Connor’s- let him have any liability on it)

I Love Raku and miss doing it. I have a goal to build a sturdy metal Raku kiln in the next year.


Where can I get a fire suit? Haha

Lol, one of these? Omaha’s