FS: Polymaker Polysher 3d print smoother

Polymaker Polysher. Used a handful of times but really not what I was looking for, mostly since the pieces get softer and I’m mostly printing tools etc.

Works great, still have the full set of accessories and most of a spool of black Polymaker PolySmooth (2.85mm)

Asking $125


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I’m at another monthly cleanup.

if someone wants to make an offer just go for it. Otherwise it’s been relocated to my storage unit.

ill take it for 3d fab message me Jim

It is only designed to work with their proprietary filaments. May end up too expensive and unused like the filament extruder.

It’s an isopropyl alcohol chamber. If iso works on it, the filament works.

I’m not an expert on filaments from a chemical standpoint so unsure what else works.

As far as I know, PLA, PETG, and ABS are resistant to isopropyl alcohol and will not smoothen. Only Polymakers brand of PLA does that.