FS: Da Vinci v1.0 and Robo3D parts/project 3D printers [SOLD]

The cleanup and purge of my shop and storage continues…

I have a two older 3D printers that I am tired of moving around my shop and I am never going to do anything with them at this point. All being sold as is for parts or project. Asking $150 for all or best offer. Pickup in The Colony.

Robo3D printer had the lever to load filament break off before I got it. Have never done anything with it and is exactly as I got it.

The Da Vinci v1.0 had a print come loose and melt around the nozzle. Ended up starting to convert it to use a E3D head and got some parts printed to change out the carriage for the head. Controller got bricked when attempting firmware update and was going to be ripped out and replaced with some other standard controller but I never got that far. Would be a good basis for hacking together a cheap 3D printer. Comes with several empty caddies for the filament and a spare heat bed and some misc parts removed during the conversion.

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Sent you a PM

Printers are sold, I’m the new victim.