FS: AMD Threadripper 1950x w/ ASRock Fatal1ty gaming mobo & Waterblock

AMD threadripper 1950x w/ ASRock fatal1ty x399 mobo & XSPX Raystorm Neo Waterblock. Condition is “Used”

The motherboard was pulled from a working system. The pump failed, thermal throttling kicked in. With the amount of work required for a new pump and hard lines and the age of the system I decided just to sell it. I did a POST test into the UEFI by putting a static heat sink on to confirm everything is still good.

The following were NOT tested because I’ve never used them and don’t have the antennas and/or equipment to use them:

  • onboard Wifi
  • bluetooth
  • the proprietary Intel caching drive interface (U.2 connector next to the SATA ports. This is basically Intel’s attempt at NVMe drives not using the M.2 form factor)

Asking $575 for all of it. Got it on ebay but would much rather sell to someone local if possible.

Items included:

  • ASRock Fatal1ty x399 gaming motherboard in anti-static bag
  • AMD Threadripper 1950x on the motherboard (had not been removed since install with proper AMD torque driver. Surface of chip was cleaned of thermal compound but there may be a small amount in chip retention crevices that should not affect operation)
  • XSPX Raystorm Neo Waterblock (clear top, two standard threaded fitting holes)
  • the original SLI adapters
  • the original CPU socket plate cover
  • the original driver CD
  • the SATA cables that came with the motherboard

What is explicitly NOT INCLUDED:

  • the I/O backplane plate
  • the antennas for the onboard-wifi (which is again, untested because never used it myself)
  • Anything else not in the explicitly included list above.

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