FS: 5HP 240V Cyclone Dust Collector

Not going to be able to put this cyclone dust collector to use in my home workshop anytime soon as planned. My plan to add a 4x8 CNC rounter to my home shop is delayed a year or two atleast so I am selling the large dust collector and will get something smaller that fits the needs of my shop and it’s current dust collection requirements.

It is a 5HP 240V cyclone dust collector that was put together but never really saw use beyond a quick test by the previous owner. Will need a new power cord wired to the grey box as it was cut off when I got it. Comes with custom built metal framework, blower motor section, clear cyclone with 5 inch inlet, dust barrel, new unused filter stack for exhaust filtering for very fine particles. It is basically model CV1800 that sells for alot more than I am asking. Google Bill Pentz cyclone dust collector for more info on the design. Dust collector is around 9 foot tall.


Pickup in Farmers Branch or I can deliver within DFW for a small fee since I do have a liftgate. Currently disassembled from moving it as it is shown in the photo in my truck. Currently stored about 1-1/2 miles from DMS.

Currently listed for $1600 on FB Marketplace. Willing to take $100 off the current FB price for anyone from DMS. Open to reasonable offers.

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Price dropped by $100 to $1500 on FB Marketplace and will take $100 less from any DMS member who buys it.

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Price dropped again. Down to $1400 on Marketplace. $1300 from DMS member.

Price drop again to $1200 for DMS members.

I need to get the big 5HP cyclone system sold. I went out on a limb to purchase a Laguna C Flex 1 system yesterday off FB Marketplace. Didn’t want to miss the chance at a good system for a decent price.

Unit for sale is currently located 1-1/2 miles from DMS in Farmers Branch.

Delivery in DFW available. I have a truck with a liftgate so moving it is not that big of a deal.

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Needing it sold by this Friday afternoon if possible. Price drop to $1000 to get it sold this week.

Need the money for picking up some stuff for my shop on Saturday. Thanks!