FS - 1964 Chrysler Newport

Before I go to the general Craigslist crowd…

A friend and I drove a 1964 Newport around in the 24 Hours of Lemons Rally this last fall. I had a couple of offers to buy it fall through, and I need to get my extra parking space back.

VIN / Serial: 8143247118
4 door Sedan
V8 361 with original 2-barrel carb

The Good
Ran the “World Tour of Texas” with little issue (even won an award!)
Converted to dual brake master, for less dying due to brake leaks.
Carb rebuilt and brake lines reworked
<60k original miles
TorqueFlight push-button transmission – Transmission of the future!
Body in good shape, motor sounds great, and gets a lot of looks
Everyone loves chrome

The Bad
Gas tank will need to be replaced eventually
Interior is pretty torn up, and most gauges don’t work (speedo and odometer stopped working about 1k miles ago on the rally)
Think a tire is out of round.

Bought it for $1500, but make me an offer. I can bring it by the Makerspace and even put it up on the lift if you want to see it. Heck, I’ll even help you work on the couple of things it needs help with.

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