Frustrations ?missing orbital sanders?

I love the Makerspace. I come I do my thing and I go. Great environment. I drive an hour to get here so I like to get right to work. Last night I came to get some stuff knocked out super late and noticed the following:

  1. all of the orbital sanders were missing and I needed an orbital sander for my work. plenty of sand paper, and the festool carts were around but i could not find the orbital sanders.

  2. It is the holiday season and everyone is rushing through projects. Clean your machine when you are done. I noticed lots of scraps around the band saws, evidence that dust doors had not been opened on machines. lots of shavings at the jointer. All that being said there were a couple guys still working when i showed up and they took care of their areas, just make sure you are tackling yours. When you show up to do work build in some time for cleanup in your schedule.

  3. If you are using the carts and have left for the day please take all of your stuff off of the carts. others may need to use them.

I guess my biggest gripe is the sanders being missing / not where they normally are. I don’t know if they are broken, being used by another department, or borrowed, but i find it frustrating when tools are missing. If they have a new storage location i would like to know where they are at. Thanks, Micheal

Sent out for maintenance… Not sure how bad off they were, I know Ian wanted to wait after the “busy” season.

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The baerings were screaming “don’t touch me “ Epstein… on two of them… the Third would not power on. I know Ian order two 5” sanders to help while the 3 out out for repair…
It’s posted in talk about the sanders being sent out… I wonder if there is a way to globally Pin Maintenance updates?


They were non functional so they were sent off… no point having broken sanders waiting around for no one to use.

I ordered some really cheap ones to use temporarily until the festool ones come back because it is the holiday season and I expect high usage need. They arrived today and I’ll bring them in tonight


That makes perfect sense. thank you for the update guys. ill bring my palm sand with me next time till they show back up.



We have a tool status board for this: Tools Status Board - DMS

Also, per @TSki’s post above, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on TALK forums for stuff like this one may be interested in. No status board or discussion thread or meeting minutes will help someone who isn;t keeping an eye out.

This is a great time for heavy users to acquire their own Festool sanders. You will get a neat little white case with a green lock on it. You will never wait in line again.

Word to the wise.

Different companies have different products in stock. Look around and you can find most everything.


Two of the sanders have returned to the space tonight in tip top shape. Thanks!


I own 3 of my very own :grin:

What is the new purple, nearly see through sand paper stocked by the sanders? Its awesome, looking to get some of my own, not sure how to find. Thanks

3M Xtract Cubitron II Net Disc 710W, 320+, 6 in, Pack of 50 Hook and Loop Sanding Discs, Virtually Dust-Free, Premium Option for Metal, Wood, Composites, Stock Removal, and Fine Finishing,Purple


My only complaint with them so far is it seems to me that the hook and loop pads on the sanders are wearing slightly faster than they used to….

But I’m not sure if that’s misuse or something else.

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Festool sells an intermediate pad that goes between the paper and the sanding pad.

Link/ have any more information I can use to look that up?

Yep. This is it.

I have the 5” version. It doesn’t like to stick to some sandpaper discs. Let me try mine on some of that new paper we got before you decide whether to order any of these. Mine didn’t like Diablo sandnet but the interface pad that came with those worked great.

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Thanks! Let me know.

I suspect that since the new 3M mesh disc is so open and has so much “empty” (area without any grit) space that the hook Velcro on the base is protruding through and getting trashed. The old paper discs had a solid barrier between the hooks and the surface being sanded.

I also would recommend the intermediary pads ( I have both 5" and 6" ones for personal use). Being realistic about some of our members however makes me wonder how many will toss away and/or ignore the use of the pads through lack of knowledge or care about their use…


They 100% wear the festool pad down faster. I use the mesh pads on my personal festool sander and I had to get a buffer pad for between the paper and the festool h&l pad because it burned the tip of my triangle down before I noticed