Friday Night Ceramics Folks

Please make sure you clean up after yourselves. The space was pretty messy this morning.

Wow! That floor! Maybe we could print that photo and put it with a sign saying please do not leave the wheels like this.

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I see this type of thing over and over at DMS. Unless someone is willing to watch video to identify the culprit and hold them responsible, all the signs in world won’t prevent it.

If the mess continues we will have to watch video. I truly hope it doesn’t come to that. “If you see something say something” should be the motto across the space :grin:


Looks like Friday Day. See my tracks in there.

Was a new member throwing and several ppl helping her.

This is why we voted on no calling people out on talk. This is a new member that needs more guidance. Not the stake, and ban hammer. :fire: :hammer:

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True J, I believe we voted on, or agreed on, not doing this at one of the Chair meetings. We want to train and encourage our Makers, not embarrass them. People will discontinue their membership if you make an example of them.

When something happens in GlassWorks, I privately find out as much as I can. Then I have a private talk or message with that person. Normally I ask them to remedy the situation as best as possible, and ask them to retake a class.

I encourage you to remove this post from talk.

There is no “one” person being called out on this post. Just a reminder that folks don’t seem to be cleaning up after themselves regularly. If we see this happening we all need to remind folks about cleaning procedures. It’s a group effort to make sure our space is clean and comfortable/ready for people to be creative and enjoy working in our area.



Who exactly is being called out in this post? What is wrong with showing examples of unacceptable behavior? Ceramics is not the only area that has these issues. It is obvious that if you leave a mess behind this should serve as an example for others to not do the same. DMS runs on volunteers. Part of that process is that we self police. One method of doing so is by providing the appropriate notification to all that this is an example of something that is not ok. I believe that most understand that this is the way the world operates. Why would anyone “vote” to suppress this process? By that logic it would seem that those involved would like to volunteer more time cleaning up after others and less time doing more productive matters.

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Was just pointing out that making an example out of a new member with posters, and threatening cameras over this is a bit over the top.

Floor looks like someone attempted to mop as well. So they suck at cleaning or didn’t absorb it. Empower them to be better, not shame them into leaving. Not rocket science.

Anyone that would like to know who was there please PM me I can name all 6 for you.

I choose to go with what we as chairs agreed to do. I find it less of a chance of losing a membership.

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I didn’t say tar and feather anyone. Never mentioned any dramatic Spanish conquest torture devices like the Iron Maiden, bronze horse or anything with cattle prods, and I never once said we should send anyone on a dramatic walk of shame naked game of thrones style through the ceramics space. :slight_smile:
As a solution to the problem mentioned, i suggested posting a picture of a, or the messed up station as an example of what not to do. Not the person, not the name and not the date- just the station. But hey- I support whatever the committee decides. And I do realize we routinely have newbies. :slight_smile:

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Culprit, get the cameras, make a poster, are all jumping to conclusions imo.

I pointed the rule out, and made a civil conclusion itt. No one blew anything up, or broke something. No reason to call the members culprits, or threaten cameras etc as it’s clear someone tried ala the bad sponge job.

We voted unanimously as a committee not to make call out threads and or call people out on talk. The item was put forth by Brenda and Myself if I remember, after several drama bombs on talk last year calling ppl out. The Chairs Vice Chairs and Members are bound by this rule. That is the decision of the committee, that is how it’s is supposed to work. :wink:

This stuff looks bad under our committee categories. Why I recently suggested one combined committee, members only nonono thread. So our public facing committee threads don’t look like battlefields, to new members, general public, or people searching for job housing refs etc.

Sorry, but I’m not buying that anyone is bound by the “rule” you state. Members are free to do as they will in regards to this. It is unreasonable to believe that committees can limit member speech in such a manner.

It wasn’t put forth to limit speech. :smirk: It was to keep drama and jumping to conclusions off of our public facing talk. We agreed to handle issues in house firstly, unless it was a major fire/safety etc.

I understand, it serves to do both. Either way, it is an unenforceable “rule” that is inappropriate.