Freezer in the science place

Is there a freezer to store enzymes, antibiotics, and other stuff that degrades at room temperature?
If not, is there a place to put something like this

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If you get one of those freezers, Costco has one just like it for $100 less. Just an FYI.


Ditto, except I got mine at Sam’s about 5 years ago haven’t had a problem. Mine cools to -10F.

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There is a small freezer on top part of the fridge in science.


Good Idea…sounds useful. But please make sure it is cleared via proper channels, i.e. 1) if a donation (something permanently given to 'Space) then it should be cleared by the relevant committee chair – it shouldn’t just “show up”; and 2) if it is to be purchased from committee funds that cost limits are understood ( This item seems to be hovering/waffling around one of those breakpoints.

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@mblatz I agree. I will talk to the science committee folks.

@kobin @kthompson395 are the people to ask.

They’ve got a freezer in there already.

We have a mini-fridge with a self defrosting freezer portion. It would be nice to have a -20 C manual defrost (deep freeze) to store stuff longer term. At the moment there’s no space for it but I think we could get rid of some unused items and scoot things around pretty easily. We can take a look this Sunday at 2:30.