Freebie shelf-fabric and embroidery /cross stitch

There is a bunk of fleece, fabric, and cross stitch & embroidery stuff on the freebie shelf right now

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Where is the Freebie Shelf located in the space?

I’m so glad you saw these. I was about to tag you. I hope there’s some fleece in there you can use for dog blankets.

Next to the overhead door that’s by Automotive. On the south side, opposite Laser.


Dog blankets would be a fun class :blush:

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Might be a good class for the serger …

I grabbed two bags of the fabric. My wife volunteers at North Texas Wildlife Center

They were looking for something to put in some of the cages, if it works out I could take whatever is leftover.

I picked up a turtle on the way to the space tonight that had been hit by a car. Back of its shell is cracked but otherwise it seems to have survived.

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Just as a FYI, Astrud and I put that fabric on the shelf this past weekend. Anything left after this upcoming weekend will be removed and given to Pegasus Creative Reuse to clear the shelves.

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Paul - there should be one bag of fleece left. I meant to replenish the fleece tub in Sewing with some pretty stuff. I’ll be in later tonight. (Last night was crazy.) If you were going to take it today before I get back, could you leave a stack in Sewing? I’ll take care of it when I get in.

No, go for it. We weren’t gonna take anything over until Monday at the earliest, as if it’s already all gone that’s great.

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