Free Wood - Western Red Cedar and Oak

About 30 - 35 ish board feet (8/4) of Western Red Cedar up for grabs. I used it to build a canoe frame.

Also some live oak with live edges on that I felled and had turned into 1" planks. Its been drying for a year and a half or so but I don’t have a moisture meter to check it. Maybe 5 clear board feet.

Up for grabs in the E2 storage slot and will be cut up and thrown out if not claimed by this weekend.


Very interested in the Oak. Will take a look tomorrow.


Gonna get me that cedar!

I’m currently out of town until next week, but I can take all of it off of your hands if you can hold on.

i texted Dan to see if he had any interest. I’ll be in later today.


So is this just show up and grab it? Or should we set up an appointment or something?

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Just show up and take it.

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Any wood left or is it all taken/gone?

Sorry, long gone.

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Bummer. Thanks for the update!

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