Free Wood Rounds Available Tomorrow

I’m going to be in the area tomorrow and can bring some unprocessed turning rounds to anyone who wants.

I’ll need either one person to receive it all and show me where it can go, or anyone who is interested to show up so I can distribute it.

The species are cedar elm, bradford pear, and mulberry.

Sizes are from about 6" diameter to say 15" diameter.

So, if you want me to bring you a specific piece, tell me your size preference, then species preference in order out of those three and I’ll do my best to match you up with a piece.

I’m planning to be there between 11 and 12 as long as there is interest.

Also, if anyone is interested in purchasing any of the processed turning stock or slabs from my website ( I can bring them down there as well. 15% discount off my listed price for DMS members.


Add live oak and hackberry to the options.

Lloyd, in case you weren’t aware, there is a woodshop meeting at 10a.m.:


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The woodshop meeting is online, in case you didn’t see the thread.

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Thanks for point it out…event indicated a classroom, but that may have just to get past the system requirements. Hopefully it gets brought up/discussed, anyway.

Actually both. I’ve reserved the large room by the New Lobby… We will be able to accommodate 15-20 with distancing.


Sooooo… Are y’all going to “receive” the lovely rounds during the meeting, or should someone speak up?

I would be interested in some rounds. I’m trying to social distance, so any chance you could put maybe 2 or 3 smaller ones in my storage bin by science? Not too picky on wood type, although I am personally a fan of darker wood

I’ll be around, I can grab them from the wood shop meeting and drop them in for you.

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Thank you so much!!! I greatly appreciate it, it’s an orange bin right across from science near the top

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I left the wood in the capable hands of @HankCowdog. Hopefully you guys can get some use out of it.


So these pieces are too big for your storage. I’ll put your name on a nice piece of mulberry. They are stacked by woodshop.


There are three (four?) species represented in the wood;

Mulberry X3 (and possibly bodark/Osage orange X3 in front):

Cedar elm X2:

And Bradford Pear X3:

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