Free wood - Oak

Afternoon group,

I found a great collection of quality stumps for various projects. I would be willing to help load and unload if anyone is interested in these.



They weigh about 300lbs each…


I might be interested in a couple depends when and where. Unless they look deceptively small would 2 fit in a car trunk?

No, they’re huge… there would need to be a couple strong people per stump and a truck.

Ah okay, i guess the picture makes them look a little smaller. I thought the middle 3 possibly looked manageable. I’ll pass then.

We have an engine hoist at home, but if they’re that big i probably dont have anywhere to put them.

Thanks for the offer

Highest and best use is for Great firewood


I’ll pay someone who has a truck and the equipment/strength to help load and unload at DMS…

This includes providing a chainsaw as an alternative…will still pay for usage.

Or bbq wood.

Or throw in some plugs and grow mushrooms

What size are they?

They’re like 300lbs…I don’t have surface area or volume.

I think the Rockler staff is going to slice a few up to resell this week.

I was just looking for diameter and how tall. I’m looking for something about 36 in in diameter 4 in thick.

Where are they located?

You can resize quite a few. Near walnut hill elementary. I can help if anyone has the equipment…

Oak weighs 0.4 oz/in^3

36 diameter x 4 inches thick would be:

18 x 18 x pi x 4 = 4071 in^3

4071 x 0.4 x 1/16 = 101.7 lbs.

Therefore, a 36” slab 12” thick would be about 300 lbs.

In the pics, they look to have a diameter perhaps 2X their height.

If these slabs indeed weigh 300 lbs, they’d be wider than 36”.

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Ok, let me try this again.

I just want to know how big around they are and how tall they are. I don’t care about weight or volume.

I have a couple of projects in mind and I was just asking the basic dimensions so I could weigh out my options and figure out which direction I want to go.

I appreciate the answers that I’ve received so far, don’t get me wrong but I really don’t need to know the weight, lol!

If the paving stone in the picture is an 8x16" a couple of these could be getting pretty close to 36" across.

I’ll have to get back to you on the metric measurements for a euclidean reference…

i can head out sometime this friday or sunday